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Welcome to Apogee

Apogee is dedicated to developing its sphingosine kinase inhibitor program for the treatment of solid tumors and a variety of chronic inflammatory diseases as well as in indications of damaging acute inflammation.   Our product pipeline includes small molecule inhibitors of sphingosine kinase.  Sphingosine kinase generates sphingosine-1-phosphate which drives many cancer types and inflammatory diseases and disorders. Our main disease focus is using our technologies to treat solid tumor cancers that have been validated in preclinical animal tumor models including renal cell carcinoma, breast, brain, pancreatic, myeloma and colon cancers.  This therapy has also shown excellent efficacy in animal models of inflammatory damage/inflammation including arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus, liver transplantation and kidney ishcemia and reperfusion injury (during cardiac bypass surgery, for example).  Due to its far reaching mechanism of action, ABC294640 has shown additive or synergistic effects with many current standard of care drugs in animal models of inflammatory disease and cancer and thus shows promise as an attractive add-on therapy to many of these drugs in future clinical trials.

Our primary focus is on the advancement  of our lead compound into an all comers solid tumor Phase I clinical trial closely followed by Phase II clinical trials in the most effectively treated tumor types.