Lead Compound

ABC294640 (Opaganib)

ABC294640 has demonstrated excellent efficacy, safety and drug characteristics.  It is an orally available small molecule.  It has an excellent pharmacokinetic profile that has translated into b.i.d. clinical dosing.  ABC294640 has demonstrated efficacy in animal models of several solid tumor cancers as well as inflammation coupled with an excellent safety profile.

Due to the multiple cellular cascades it effects through SK inhibition, it has also shown good synergy with several current standard of care cancer therapeutics providing a rational for combination studies in upcoming clinical trials.

Phase II clinical trials in cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) and prostate cancer are currently ongoing. Due to its ability to decrease viral entry and replication as well as protect against damaging inflammation in the lungs, a clinical trial testing ABC294640 in COVID-19 patients in imminent.


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